Envirocheck is an environmental testing services provider of asbestos testing, MRSA testing, and an array of other critical inspection and testing services throughout the USA.


We are committed to delivering the services you deserve to ensure the safety of your home, workplace, or commercial enterprise. From residential homes to apartment complexes, schools to hospitals, high-rises and commercial buildings to industrial facilities, we provide the prompt, reliable solutions you seek to identify, assess, and recommend strategies to overcome potential environmental hazards.

Our environmental testing in California and elsewhere in the USA incorporates high-quality, comprehensive inspection and testing capacity for:



Mold & Bacteria (Microbiology, including MRSA testing)

Industrial Hygiene (Smoke, Soot, Gases, & Chemicals)



We have environmental testing labs in:

Orange County


San Diego

Hayward (Northern California)

Phoenix, Arizona

Brooklyn (New York & New Jersey)

Farmington, Connecticut (Northeast)

Newton, Massachusetts (Boston Metro/Western Massachusetts)

Why Choose Us?

Envirocheck stands out from our competitors in our industry for our revolutionary testing processes. We have our own labs and complete oversight, enabling us to deliver precise results promptly and without conflict of interest. With us, you have the utmost confidence in the safety of your premises.
We offer:

Asbestos Testing

including air and bulk sampling/analysis, building inspections, project management, training and more.

Lead Testing

risk assessments, clearance inspections, lead-based paint inspection, and much more.

Microbiology (Mold/Bacteria)

– including MRSA testing in clinical environments and air, bulk, and surface mold inspection and analysis as part of a building inspection/survey.

Smoke/Wildfire Assessment

particulate characterization, combustion byproduct analysis, and more.


source identification, inspection and analysis of pet dander, rodent urine, cockroach and dust mite frass, and clearance inspections.

Industrial Hygiene

– exposure assessments, water quality analysis, gas, chemical, and odor detection, compliance audits, MRSA testing, and more.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

odor detection, vapor/gas detection, carbon monoxide/CO2 monitoring, and HVAC rate assessments.

Consulting Services

Sampling, Surveys, Assessments, and Screening to collect specimens and interpret results on your behalf for everything from Clearance Testing to Industrial Hygiene, Litigation Support to Expert Witness Testimonials

Work with Envirocheck today for peace of mind and a safe environment.

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