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A significant volume of the population is vulnerable to environmental allergens, experiencing symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nasal congestion, watering eyes, itching, hives, and asthma. Even the cleanest home or work environment may trigger allergies if certain allergens are present and the person is sensitive to them.


Common allergens include:

Dog/Cat dander

dander refers to microscopic skin scales which all skin-covered creatures shed. Cat and dog dander allergens can be a major issue for sensitive people, as the allergens are airborne and easily inhaled. These allergens are found everywhere from walls to carpets and they may be present even if you do not have a pet.


pollen comes from the outdoors and causes severe seasonal allergies in many people. It is carried by wind, insects, other animals, and on clothing and in the hair. It can enter and settle within your home’s interior. Pollen is seasonal, with spring predominantly delivering tree pollen, early summer pollens from grass, and pollen from weeds in fall.


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Dust mites

among the most common residential allergens. They feed off human dander from your mattress, pillow, carpets, sofas, and within the general dust in your home. The allergens from dust mites derive from the proteins within dust mite feces. They can be detected in air samples collected when the dust is disturbed.


droppings, saliva, and other waste (frass) can cause allergies in some people.


the urine of mice and rats can cause allergies. The urine (as well as the saliva, hair, and skin fragments) becomes airborne as dust particles as it dries and this allergen can contribute to asthma in humans.

Envirocheck provides allergen testing (air and surface) and evaluation to help you identify the source of your indoor allergenic exposure, its levels, and we can advise on recommended steps to follow to eliminate the irritants from your indoor environment for better health outcomes and wellbeing.

Source Identification

Cat & Dog Dander

Cockroach Frass

Dust Mite Frass

Rodent (Rat & Mouse) Urine

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We also offer mold inspection and testing.

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